Locals from The Florida Keys

A selection of Florida Keys locals
in our Florida Keys communities
who have made a positive difference:

Key Largo
Congressman Carlos Curbelo
Sylvia Murphy, Monroe County Commissioner

Holly Raschein, Florida State Representative
Rebekah in the Keys, TV 88 Host & On-Camera Personality
Robby McClung

Key Colony Beach
April Tracy, Commissioner of KCB
Chris Moonis, City Administrator
Ed Borysiewicz, Building Official
Jeff Vorick, Former Commissioner of KCB
Jerold Ellis, Former Mayor of KCB
Mayor John DeNeale
Key Colony Beach Police Chief Kris DiGiovanni
Mary Schmidt, Former Commissioner of KCB
Ron Sutton – Vice Mayor
Ryan Schraffenberger, Former Commissioner of KCB

Aydan Child, overall winner 2018 7Mile Bridge Run
Bettye Bateman Chaplin
Bill Kelly
Brandi Pope
Captain J.R.
Charlotte Quinn
Chef Carl Stanton
Chuck Lindsey, City Manager
Cristy Danford, Manager of the Marathon Library
Daniel Samess, CEO Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce
RIP Dick Ramsay, Former Marathon City Mayor
David Rice, Commissioner of Monroe County
Debra London
Denise DeCrow
Doctor Dan Zieg, Former Mayor of the City of Marathon
Donna Ferenci, Commander Coast Guard Auxiliary 13-2
George Garrett, Deputy City Manager
George Neugent, Monroe County Commissioner
Ginger Snead, Former City Councilmember
Jo Ann Wagner
John Johnson, Fire Chief
John Bartus, Musician & Vice Mayor of the City of Marathon
Major Chad Scibilia
Mark Senmartin, Former Mayor of the City of Marathon
Michelle Coldiron, Mayor City of Marathon
Mike Cinque
Mike Puto, Former City Manager
Pete Worthington, Fisherman & Former City Councilmember and Mayor
Randy Ulrich
Richard Keating, Commercial Fisherman & Former Marathon City Councilmember
Rick Ramsey, Monroe Sheriff
Riet Steinmetz
Suzy Curry
William Wagner, Former Marathon Fire Chief and Current Islamorada Fire Chief

Big Pine
Rebekah Dunaj – Host & Anchorwoman for Florida Keys Television
Steve Miller, Radio Announcer and DJ

Key West
Catherine Vogel, Monroe County Former Florida Keys State Attourney
Panico, Virginia A. Key West Chamber of Commerce
Robert Lockwood, Public Defender
Ron Saunders

Videos from the Locals
of The Florida Keys.

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Featured Local Residents
Randy Mearns, Chief Pyrotechnician
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